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kolabree will do the rest

Your complete end-to-end business-grade video consultation and payment platform built specifically for professional service providers. Kolabree orchestrates online bookings, scheduling, secure online video meetings and all client payments.

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Scheduling & Online Bookings

Empower your clients to schedule a video consultation with real-time calendar bookings via the client portal. You will be able stay up-to-date with automated calendar integration with Gmail, Office 365 and iCal.

Automated Client Billing

Automated billing takes the hassle out of the client billing process. Alleviating uncomfortable billing conversations and streamlining the entire process.

Customised Branding

We provide branding spaces in the schedule, video, and payment views. Showcase your brand throughout the product to enhance the professional experience for your clients.

Deliver your content

kolabree allows you to provide content to your customers as paid or free. Simply, upload the content, set your price and allow your customers to view your material

Who is kolabree tailored for

The medical professional

Mix video appointments with regular examinations for a more flexible schedule.

The counsellor

Being far from help shouldn’t leave people helpless. Open up your practice to anyone anywhere.

The veterinarian

Keep those quick follow-up appointments free if you like. But make it video. It’s a win-win.

The lawyer

“A short word” is often a very important word.
It pays to look clients in the eye.

The accountant

Client running late? Don’t cancel.
Swap for a video consultation.

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