Getting Started: What is Kolabree?

Kolabree is a client engagement platform that helps you organise your time better. Kolabree lets you and your customer’s book appointments, schedule online consultations, and manages payments from your clients. We offer a business-grade video consultation platform built specifically for professional service providers. Whether you’re a counsellor or a lawyer. Kolabree has you covered.

Not just a video platform

Kolabree, a customer engagement platform, is software that helps you manage, analyze, and optimize the customer journey with your business. Not only can you schedule appointments with your clients, but we also deliver product innovation in terms of providing branding spaces within the schedule, video, and payment views. Kolabree automatically sends your clients messages as events occur, your customers are empowered to schedule appointments and can access consultation and payment history with their very own account.

Your Kolabree account:

  • You own customisable calendar & booking slots
  • Calendar integration with Gmail and Office 365
  • Client List and Log of consultations
  • Your own customised URL bookings page and website
  • Automated Notifications and Emails to your clients as events occur
  • Multi-Provider access and profiles
  • Business wide viewable calendar for all providers
  • Secure client payments for your service
  • Your own company branding on emails and video service
  • Built-in meeting timer for professional service billing

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